Temporary Staffing

One of our most popular placement services is temporary staffing, which is a short-term staffing method where we supply qualified individuals who can quickly be placed within our client’s organizations. Temporary employees have become a growing and vital element of the current and future work force.  One of the primary benefits that businesses experience with temporary staffing is flexibility. Temporary services allow you to react to an influx in work without hiring employees full-time or to fill in for a leave of absence, long-term vacation, medical leave, etc.


Temporary to Hire is a staffing method that allows your business to get to know an employee on a trial basis before making a long-term commitment. It’s hard to be sure about a candidate after the interview and hiring process. Try them out on a test drive before you bring them on.


Direct Hire

Direct hire is a method of staffing where a company outsources their recruiting and screening process to a trusted staffing company. Allow our talented recruiters to use their knowledge and expertise to search and screen candidates for your internal, full-time positions. ETS has the search experience and professional network to successfully conduct a direct hire searches.

On Site Placement Services

ETS's on site service concentrated support to your HR team using real time access anywhere your business is. We provide on-site placement services that can be dispatched and on site the same day that you place a work order.

we have trained, experienced employees arrive at our staffing center ready to work. Then, when we receive a work order, we dispatch the on-site workers accordingly.